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Four Reasons to Get a Dog

Dogs are awesome creatures that should be kept and cared for. They are called man’s best friends because they are truly the best buddies and companions’ man can have.

People get dogs for different reasons, some for fun, others for security, closure, responsibility, companionship, and socialization. For this article, all of these reasons will be centered on four facts.

Why Should you get a dog?

  • Dogs help increase the chances of social interaction: a study has shown that a lot of people make new friends through their furry friends. Owning a dog makes you want to take them on a walk or even hang out with others who own dogs as well.

Dogs do not only enjoy the company of their humans alone but also like to mingle and play with other dogs. Different people make new friends while helping their pups socialize at parks and gardens. It’s a win-win for both of you.

  • They help us learn responsibility and fun: like humans, dogs are social animals who appreciate attention and affection. While humans learn to care for and tend their dogs, they, in turn, learn how to socially interact with other humans.

Canines teach children and even grown-ups how to care for people as well as being responsible for people and property. They help children learn and practice leadership skills by making them know how it feels to be in charge.

  • Dogs help us maintain physical and mental wellbeing: taking your dog on a walk helps you exercise as well, thereby making you burn body fat and lose sweat. Dogs enjoy running while playing which helps their humans keep fit too.

Loneliness, anxiety, and depression are almost impossible with dogs. They are always there to play, cuddle, and even listen to your bad and good days at work. Some study even has it that people with dogs are less likely to fall sick.

  • They help keep us safe: dogs possess a heightened sense of smell and sight, this helps them perceive danger and threat from long distances. Pit Bulls, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, and Scottish terriers are some examples of awesome watchdogs.