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The Positive Effects Dogs Have on Their Owners

dog ownership positive effectsAdopting a puppy or a dog is a great way of providing a happy, secure life to a fellow creature. However it is not just the dog that benefits from the adoption. People are statistically healthier and happier when they are dog owners. Caring for a dog comes with incredible rewards for the caretaker, such as improved physical health, higher morale and the benefits of having a loving relationship. Anyone who is struggling in any of these areas should seriously consider becoming a dog owner.

Studies on dog owners have shown that their cholesterol, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, circulation problems and immune definciencies were decreased after owning a dog for some time. Even the number of years that a person lives statistically goes up with dog ownership. Dogs are used in mental health facilities and treatment centers to ease the symptoms of disorders, mental illness and addiction. Therapy dogs are brought to trauma victims to help them recover and cope from traumatic events. The natural benefits dogs have to people are numerous.

Developing a relationship with a dog is different than a relationship with a person, but it is still very fulfilling and rewarding in its own way. Dog’s are naturally loyal to their owners, earning them the title of “man’s best friend.” Dogs have an innate pack mentality that makes them protective of those they consider to be in their pack. They are affectionate toward the members of their pack, yet they naturally respect a hierarchy, so it is easy to train them to obey and respect the rules of a leader. Typically, they also have an instinct to defend themselves, which makes a relationship with them full of respect, responsibility, friendship, loyalty and companionship.

Any responsible adult who is seeking a rewarding friendship with an animal should consider becoming a dog owner. It is a decision you will not regret, which will offer you a number of years with an animal that considers you their best friend.