Having a dog as a pet is very important, and having it as a companion is certainly equally essential. Taking a puppy into your care implies that, you want to give the creature ample love and a life of safety to them.

This means that, you will be willing to have them close to you, right from their little age, to when they become much bigger.

There is a lot to learn from having a dog as your companion, but people do not consciously take note of this. If you look around, you will observe that, most people who have dogs look happier and healthier.

There are immense rewards which comes with providing care or a dog. One of such is the enhanced physical health and heightened morale.

Any individual who has problems with his or her physical health, poor relationships, or low self-esteem, needs to consider having a dog because there are several things to learn. Taking a look at how your physical health improves with your dog around, if you observe your dog closely, you will notice that it likes to remain physically active.

You will find it easy to detect if your dog is sick, because it would remain quiet and its movement will be restricted. However, dogs that are physically active rarely fall sick, and this is because their muscles are in a continual state of movement, which contributes to their overall state of health.

Having observed this, it is essential that you go on physical activity training with your dog on a regular basis.

Also, having a relationship with a dog might look dissimilar to a relationship with a person, there is still a lot to learn. A dog has a nature which requires commitment and loyalty, and if you provide these qualities optimally as an owner, your dog will remain loyal for life.

Dogs have this pack mentality, and this means that they will protect anyone who is regarded as being a part of their pack. This does not put aside the fact that, they understand what it means to submit to authority, and they obey when it is required.

Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

dog benefitsBeing a dog owner is a simple joy in life. What better way to recuperate after a hard day than by coming home to a creature who wants nothing but to be close to you and love you? The benefits of owning and caring for a dog are numerous. And they include more than simply being entertained or amused. Owning a dog has statistically been proven to increase a person’s physical health and help them live longer. It has also proven to reduce mental health issues and give people peace of mind. If you are looking for a way to improve your quality of life by adding more love and laughter to it, consider becoming a dog owner.

The physical health benefits you receive from owning a dog are numerous. Dog owners are found to have reduced blood pressure because of the calming effects that dogs have on people. They are found to have stronger hearts because dogs keep their owners active and on a set schedule. And dog owners have been found to live longer simply because the dog gives them a sense of purpose. If for no other reason, this is an excellent justification for being a dog owner.

A person’s morale commonly elevates due to owning a dog. People who have mental disorders, grief or past trauma are known to heal much more rapidly and steadily when they become dog owners. This is most likely due to the increased affection, adoration and loyalty they feel thanks to their canine. Even in cases of situational depression or just general low emotions, the presence of a dog can be very uplifting. Many people claim that their dog reminds them of what really matters in life. Dogs help people remember that the simple, good things in life deserve focus and appreciation above all else.

Having a Canine Friend

canine friendshipNo one can deny the obvious benefits of owning a dog. Dogs make us active and happy, bringing out a youthful spirit within us. But even if you are unable to own a dog, there are still plenty of ways you can interact with dogs. Not everyone is able or willing to take on the responsibility of raising and caring for a dog, and that is understandable. Below are several ideas for people who want to interact with dogs but not own one:

  • Dog sitting is a great opportunity to temporarily care for a dog as if it was your own. When people go out of town and cannot bring their dog, many of them hire a dog sitter. This person may or may not stay in the house the dog lives in to care for them because owners often do not want their dogs to be alone at night. The other primary functions of a dog sitter are to feed, walk and spend time with the dog.
  • Many people are too busy to make time to walk their dog and require the services of a dog walker. People can do this for pay or on a volunteer basis. The dog owner may be a friend or relative, or may simply be someone who is in need of assistance.
  • Volunteering at an organization that works with dogs can benefit your desire to spend time with dogs and the organization that surely could use volunteer hours. Many dog organizations, ranging from vet clinics to shelters to kennels to training centers, are in desperate need of volunteers. These facilities are often swamped and their resources are stretched very thin. In this type of volunteer position, you may walk dogs, assist doctors and help care for the facilities.
  • Simply spending time with dogs that belong to your friends and family can be a great way to get time with canines in. This can also benefit your loved ones immensely by having some time to themselves.

Qualities that Dogs Possess

dog qualitiesMaking the decision to own a dog is something one should think through carefully. Perhaps you are on the fence about dog ownership because you are not sure if you want to do the work of caring for a dog. After all, they require a great deal of attention, exercise, training, affection and provision. Your life will never be the same once you own a dog. However, the work you put in will win you a best friend and loyal companion. Consider the following positive attributes to dog ownership before you write the idea off:

  • Dogs are incredibly affectionate animals. It is almost impossible to feel lonely or isolated when you own a dog because their affection is so immense. It has been discovered that the chemical a dog’s brain releases when they see their owner is the same chemical the human brain releases when in love. They will greet you at the door, spend time with you the entire day and cuddle with you before they go to sleep.
  • The loyalty that dogs have for their owners is very strong. Even the ones that are very social with people, such as golden retrievers, place a high importance on being near their owners and receiving attention from them. Many dogs have been known to die of heartbreak when their owner dies, or refuse to leave their side even after they have passed away.
  • A dog’s instinct to protect its owner is also incredibly strong. Dogs are pack animals that are wired to protect those they consider to be in their pack, which would include their owners and their other close relationships. Dogs have stood up to bears, mountain lions, human attackers and many other dangerous predators in order to defend their owner. Apart from being a companion animal, dogs are also used as home security systems.

The Positive Effects Dogs Have on Their Owners

dog ownership positive effectsAdopting a puppy or a dog is a great way of providing a happy, secure life to a fellow creature. However it is not just the dog that benefits from the adoption. People are statistically healthier and happier when they are dog owners. Caring for a dog comes with incredible rewards for the caretaker, such as improved physical health, higher morale and the benefits of having a loving relationship. Anyone who is struggling in any of these areas should seriously consider becoming a dog owner.

Studies on dog owners have shown that their cholesterol, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, circulation problems and immune definciencies were decreased after owning a dog for some time. Even the number of years that a person lives statistically goes up with dog ownership. Dogs are used in mental health facilities and treatment centers to ease the symptoms of disorders, mental illness and addiction. Therapy dogs are brought to trauma victims to help them recover and cope from traumatic events. The natural benefits dogs have to people are numerous.

Developing a relationship with a dog is different than a relationship with a person, but it is still very fulfilling and rewarding in its own way. Dog’s are naturally loyal to their owners, earning them the title of “man’s best friend.” Dogs have an innate pack mentality that makes them protective of those they consider to be in their pack. They are affectionate toward the members of their pack, yet they naturally respect a hierarchy, so it is easy to train them to obey and respect the rules of a leader. Typically, they also have an instinct to defend themselves, which makes a relationship with them full of respect, responsibility, friendship, loyalty and companionship.

Any responsible adult who is seeking a rewarding friendship with an animal should consider becoming a dog owner. It is a decision you will not regret, which will offer you a number of years with an animal that considers you their best friend.